about the work:

I am an artist who works primarily through the ceramic medium. Much of my work consists of focused examinations of consciousness. Meditations on the mind, mindfulness and cognitive awareness. Working through techniques of fabrication provides a series of practical parables. Koans of form confront each aesthetic commitment and each design choice.

I am inspired by mathematical structures, systems and concepts. I attempt to use these references to analyze and order aesthetic phenomena. Ultimately I seek to form and reform an aesthetic topography through transformative experiences. The process employed in crafting each work combines logical and intuitive processes.

My teaware is designed and formed specifically for brewing fine quality teas in the gongfu tea method. A tea enthusiast, I collected and drank teas for years before I approached the task of crafting my own tea objects. I view this style of tea as modern and responsive. Though rooted in tradition, techniques and technologies are constantly refined and reincorporated to form a dynamic evolving artistic culture. 

The true beauty of tea lies in the unity of innumerable and ephemeral tea aromas into a spectrum of experience. Tea offers an aesthetic continuum containing and expressing every moment of a life and every mode of existence.

Through my work I craft an opportunity to experience an aesthetic progression, a succession of beauty experiences. The goal of this progress is a mutual enlightenment, a symbiotic satori that the viewer and I share through the work. In the way that a system comprised of ten discrete digits is capable of representing the infinite, the same density of content is possible within the confines of my formal system.