Kids Safety Guidelines – Make Sure You Follow

A cute baby is a mother’s toy and that toy is also given some toys for itself. Babies love playing with the baby toys. Mothers usually save some of their time by getting her baby busy with toys but there is always a point of concern whether the toys are safe to the baby. There has been written much over baby toy safety because it is getting a hazard that is usually ignored.

We just talk about chocking hazards and others like relevant to the baby toys is given least importance. 19 deaths have been caused by the dangerous baby toys according to a report issued by United States Public Interest Research Groups. The main risks that might be caused by the dangerous baby toys are injuries, chemical, chocking, electrical shock, fire and others. So a mother needs to be very careful when buying toys for her baby. Injuries by baby toys include falling on the floor, being hurt with toys or tripping over the same. Entertainment and enjoyment of your baby is something less important than baby safety. So parents should be well aware of the safety measures and standards while shopping toys for their innocent little one.

There are also chances of serious injuries when the child grows up and play with roller skates or balance bikes. Grown up kids enjoy skating or riding on bicycles, but as a parents you should make sure they do it safely and have all safety precautions. For example, buy a helmet, so they don’t hurt them badly even when they fall. If your kids want to skate, make sure you buy the best roller skates for kids.

Parents should follow the following guidelines in order to ensure the safety of their baby. The most important thing is to give proper attention to any possible safety hazard. Here are quoted some useful suggestions.

  • Anything that your baby might take into its mouth attracts chocking hazards. So any toy that a mother is shopping should be strictly observed for not having any detachable magnet or marble.
  • Do not buy any toy for your cute infant that needs to be plugged into some electrical outlet. It should also be assured that toy battery should be safe and not easily opened by your baby. Moreover only use the batteries suited to be operated by younger babies. Use fix and durable batteries.
  • Toys should be well built and unbreakable. They should not be shatter prone or easily detachable by the baby.
  • Mother should give some of her time to her baby and join in playing with the toys. This would surely enhance your love and motherhood for your baby.
  • There might be some toys that have some hazardous parts that could result in finger trapping, hair or clothes entanglement or pinching. Such a toy should never be preferred to be shopped.
  • Some projectile toys might cause eye injury, being water shooter as an exception.
  • Toys for older children should be kept separate from those of toddlers or babies.
  • Before making a toy purchase, be confident that you are fulfilling all the required safety standards. Parents should know what type of toy would be safe for their innocent baby. Safety statements issued by the manufacturers should be carefully read.
  • Buy those toys only which are appropriate for your baby’s age.
  • Online reviews for different toys and toy manufacturers are available to guide the parents in assuring the baby safety.
  • Look after the baby and toys as well. It should be strictly observed that toys are not broken or leaked.
  • Be sure not to buy any toys with sharp edges or toys broken and having sharp edges. Sharp edges can be the result of any fracture in the toy. Wood, plastic glass and alloys when having sharp edges act just like razors. Severe injuries can be avoided by avoiding such toys.
  • Infants should be kept away from such toys which have chemicals or other dangerous material or stuffing.

A mother is the best toy for her baby in fact. Every crying baby becomes relaxed when getting into her mother’s lap. Motherhood always wants a baby to be safe and healthy. Baby toy safety is a measure that must be taken and all the above mentioned guidelines would assure babytoy safety.

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