Practicing for the next race

Today I did a test run on the route for Friday’s Summer Night 5k Race, and that’s how long it took me, 30:02!

The reason I’m sharing this is because I’ve been wanting for a while now to run a sub 30 minute 5k race, and I’m not-so-secretly looking for assurance that I can accomplish this on Friday.

I suspect I’ll have to work harder on Friday, as the route will be more crowded.  I’ll need to choose the right spot to line up so that I’m not blocking the elites, but also not having to dodge too many people nyself.
The race is gun timed, so I will be ecstatic if the clock shows 30:00 or less when I cross the finish line, but I’ll be happy even if my Garmin shows that.
During today’s run I kept reciting (not out loud) something Valiant had said to me, which I think helped me get so close to my goal today.

“push harder in the 5k- you already know you can finish the distance so don’t be afraid to strain a little. you will kill it. :)”

Thanks Valiant :-).

The run on Friday is in the evening, but today I ran mid-afternoon with the sun beating down!  Like I said though, the route will be more crowded on Friday, so despite it being cooler I’ll still have to push a little harder than today.

I know there are a few things I can and will do to prepare – eat healthy, stay hydrated, get sufficient sleep, and taper (I look forward to the days when 5k IS a taper again).

Any other tips are welcome, how do you typically prepare for race day?

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