Using Exercise Bikes For Regular Workout

Studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle puts us at risk for diseases such as diabetes or disease related to guts. But most of us are spending more and more time in front of computers, both at work and at home. So knowing how to exercise at your desk can help keep you fit and healthy. There are plenty of desk exercise techniques. You can do basic stretches and exercises that don’t require equipment, use simple under-desk machines such as mini steppers or mini elliptical machines, or get an exercise desk/bike combo. Though using a indoor exercise bike for about 30 minutes a day is much better, but using this small machines at office is good compare to doing nothing.

Exercise at Desk Can Be Simple Stretches

Try these easy exercises
The easiest, cheapest way to do desk exercise is to simply learn a few techniques to stretch and strengthen your muscles while you’re sitting. Here are few to get you started. You can also buy posters or books that offer a greater selection of desk exercises so you’ll have a variety of exercises to prevent boredom.

Chair Lift
Grasp the arms of your chair with both hands and slowly lift yourself off the chair. Lower yourself back down, stopping just short of the seat, and hold for two seconds. Repeat this move 10-15 times.

Hold an object such as a water bottle in your hands at chest level. Keep your knees and hips facing forward and gently twist as far left as you comfortably can. Then twist back to the center and repeat 10 times on that side. Then switch and twist to the other side 10 times.

Leg Lifts
While seated in your chair, lift one leg and extend it out straight. Hold it out straight for two seconds, and then lower your leg until your foot is not quite touching the floor. Hold for three more seconds. Repeat this exercise 15 times and then switch legs.

Other Exercise Bikes option

Spin bikes, often called indoor cycling bikes, are a great way to get a high intensity aerobic workout. These workouts are great for the heart and are an integral part of the weight loss process. Most fitness centers have spin bikes and many of them offer spinning classes, but some people prefer to workout from their home. Spinning bikes are a great option for working out from home. There man options of spin bikes for sale available.

How to purchase exercise bikes in 2019

Spinning bikes are a great way to get an aerobic workout and burn a high number of calories. They are great for people that cannot take the impact on their joints that occurs while running or walking. The price of indoor cycling bikes can vary from about $200 to $2,000. It all depends on how it is made. Just because you are not paying top dollar does not mean that you will not get a quality piece of equipment.

For a lesser price, the bike may not have as many adjustable parts or it may be chain driven as opposed to belt driven. Bottom line is you will pay more for the more advanced technology and it may not be necessary for what you going to be doing with the bike. You are the only person that can decide what is best for you fitness needs.

One of the best ways to make a decision about what is best for you is to see how others use the item and what they think of the performance of the item. Amazon offers some great prices on spinning bikes and with each bike model there will be a number of reviews. It will allow you to see what others think. It is important to read the reviews carefully, because not all of them have to do with the quality and performance of the bike.

Reading the reviews can help you make a decision as far as which spin bike is best for you. Once you know what you want, then you can take the time to shop online or in your community for the best price that is available on your chosen indoor cycling bike. Purchasing an exercise bike can help you stay healthy and burn calories, if you are trying to lose weight and it can all be done from the comfort from your own home.

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